Growing in the ways of prayer
October 13, 2017 @ 6:10 pm – October 15, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
Mt Carmel Retreat Centre
247 St Andrews Rd
Varroville NSW 2566
$250:00 (10% discount for shared accomodation/pensioners/unemployed/students)
Mrs Carla Walker
02 8795 3400

How do we reconcile our belief in a good and loving God with suffering and especially innocent suffering?
Contemporary thinkers and media personalities like Peter Singer and Stephen Fry see natural disasters, animal and human suffering as proving, that God is either a bungler or evil. We’ll try to answer their questions, and the deeper questions posed by human cruelty and modern terrorism by drawing on the life experiences of people who have transformed their suffering by their belief in God’s goodness and love, including Viktor Frankl and Etty Hillesum, Jews in the cauldron of the Holocaust and Catholics like Blessed Chiara Badano and Sir James McMillan, in the more harrowing personal sufferings that come our way. Central to our attempt to find an answer to the “mystery of suffering” will be wisdom gleaned from the Scriptures and especially from the Book of Job and the Passion of Jesus.

Fr. Brendan Purcell