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At the beginning of April 2011, the St Elijah Secular Carmelite Community took over responsibility for the Bookshop and it has expanded the range of books. It also now stocks some beautiful Carmelite items such as icons, rosaries and other prayer beads made from semi-precious stones, as well as copies of antique Carmelite medals. The bookshop is also stocking leather breviary covers made especially for it in a variety of patterns. As well, the shop has some very special limited edition prayer cards made on Italian cotton paper with deckled edges, designed by one of its community members. More detailed information about these will come in the future.

For purchases and enquiries please contact us via mobile (+61410360712)  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


St. John of the Cross
Ascent of Mount Carmel:  Reflections  $25
Ascent to Joy $23
Centred on Love: the Poems of St. John of the Cross $22
Collected works of St. John of the Cross - Hard cover $35
Collected works of St. John - Soft cover $30
Man and Mystic $25
Seasons of Prayer $15
 Love Awakened by Love $20
 The Contemporary Challenge of John of the Cross $25
The Impact of God $22
 The Practice of Contemplation according to John of the Cross $25
 Great Saints Series (St. John of the Cross) $ 8
St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila)
A Portrait of Teresa of Avila $10
Collected Works of Teresa Vol 1 $30
Collected Works of Teresa Vol 2 $30
Collected Works of Teresa Vol 3 $30
 Lectio Divina and the Practice of Teresian Prayer  $10
 Let Nothing Trouble You  $25
Praying with St. Teresa $15
St. Teresa and the Our Father:  A Catechism on Prayer $15
100 Themes on Her Life and Work $30
The Book of Her Foundations - Study Guide $35
The Book of My Life $50
 The Collected Letters of St. Teresa of Avila  Vol 1 $30
 The Collected Letters of St. Teresa of Avila  Vol 2 $30
 The Divine Adventure:  Teresa's Journey and Foundations $35
The Interior Castle - Study Edition $35
The Way of Perfection - Study Edition $30
The Way of Transformation $25
 The Writings of St. Teresa of Avila $15
Great Saints Series (St. Teresa of Avila) $ 8
St. Therese of the Child Jesus
A Call to a Deeper Love $40
Daily Thoughts from the Little Flower $ 2
Holiness for All $25 
Letters of St. Therese (Volume 1)  $30 
Letters of St. Therese (Volume 2) $30
Nietzshe is my Brother  $15 
Songs of Youth (Therese)  $ 5 
The Context of Holiness  $20
The Poetry of St. Therese $20
The Prayers of St. Therese $18
Praying for Priests $ 8
Teacher of Prayer $ 8
Great Saints Series $ 8
The Little Way of St. Therese  $ 6 
A Pilgrim Companion $ 6
On the Visit of her relics to Great Britain  $ 6
The Rosary with St. Therese of Lisieux  $ 5
The Story of a Soul (Study Edition)  $30 
The Story of a Soul (Third Edition) $15 
With Empty Hands $25
St. Benedicta of the Cross  (Edith Stein)
Her Life in Photos and Documents $15
Listening to Edith Stein:  Wisdom for a New Century $30
The Life of a Philosopher and Carmelite  $25
Woman of Prayer $25
Letters to Roman Ingarden $30
Life in a Jewish Family $35
The Hidden Life $25 
Victims of the Nazis $ 8
Woman $22
Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity
Always Believe in Love $25
Light, Love and Life $35
The Unfolding of Her Message - Volume 1 $30
The Unfolding of Her Message - Volume 2 $30
He is my Heaven $25
Great Saints Series (Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity) $ 8
Let Yourself be Loved $15
Letter from Carmel (Collected Works Volume 2) $30
Major Spiritual Writings (Collected Works Volume 1) $25
Other Books
Louis and Zelie Martin (Great Saints Series) $ 8
A Better Wine:  Essays Celebrating Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD $10
Asceticism in the Rule of St. Albert $12
Awakening to Prayer $20
Finding the Mystic Within You $20
Glimpses of the Carmelite Way $25
How did I begin? $30
Journey to Carith:  The Sources and Story of the Discalced Carmelites $30
Sounding Solitude $25
The Marriage of All or Nothing $20
The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers $20
Upon this Mountain:  Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition $10
A Life of Herman Cohen:  From Franz Liszt to John of the Cross $20
Discalced Carmelite Proper Office $20
Pilgrims of Hope $35 
Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers  $20
Set Pools of Silence in the Thirsty Land $10 
All Shall be Well (Julian of Norweich) $25
Enfolded in Love (Julian of Norweich)  $12
St. Julian's Church $20
A Voyage of Discovery $20
Temptation and Discernment $20
Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection: The Practice of the Presence of God $25
God is All Joy: The Life of St. Teresa of Andes $25 
Listen to the Silence:  A Retreat with Pere Jacques $25 
Practicing the Presence of the Living God with Bro. Lawrence of the Resurrection $25
St. Raphael Kalinowski $20
St. Teresa Margaret (Redi): From the Sacred Heart to the Trinity $15
To Quell the Terror:  Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne $20 
Amoris Laetitia:  Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation $13 
Evangeli Gaudium: Apostolic Exhortation  $10
Gaudete Et Exsultate - Rejoice and Exult $10 
Laudato Si:  Encyclical Letter $12.95
Living "LAUDATU SI" $19.95
Misericordia Vultus:  Bull of Indiction $ 6
Lectio Divina Spiritual Reading of the Bible  $ 8 
Mary MacKillop Spiritual Model of All $ 5 
The New Community Bible $25
God's Word 2019 (Daily Gospel Reflection) $16.95

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